Dave Garner, Producer
When Dave started his first recording studio, the $64,000 question he and his partners had to ask was, "who wants to be the engineer?" He has never regretted accepting that role, for no other position gives the hands on training required to be a Producer. The connection to the musicians and singers, the disection of each instrumental part while recording, the attention to every minute detail required in creating a final mix, all these tell the final story of what makes a great song.

Dave pays attention. He listens. He hears not only what a composer hears, but the added detail that a producer provides to complete the work. He hears what's not there...yet. So whether he's producing his own music, or the music of another artist, his contribution completes the picture. For examples of his work, see both the Jingles and Scoring pages.

Production Skills:
Working knowledge of everything studio related; musicians, singers, announcers, microphones, instruments, recording consoles, outboard gear, computer sequencing, audio plug-ins, sampling, mixing, mastering.

Production Clients:
IBM, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Mobile Oil, NCNB, Bailey Banks & Biddle Jewelers, and hundreds more.