Songwriter Singer Jingles

It's never too soon to hear people singing your name.
(sung) If you had a jingle, people would be singin', [Your name here]. Music is a time-tested & proven method to get people not only singing your name and humming your tune, but walking through your door as a result of hearing your jingle.

Let Dave write a jingle for you.
Dave has written jingles for some of the largest corporate entities in the country. That experience can mean the difference between a jingle that works, and an ad that gets switched off. He will work with you & your company to craft not only a great piece of music, but one that gets your message across with style. Whether your business is local, regional or national, isn't it time to go to the next level in advertising?

For information on how easy it is to get people singing your name, use the Contact page and tell Dave just what you're looking for.

A few companies Dave has written jingles for:
American Airlines, Big Red Soft Drink, Chili's, Del Taco, Foley's Department Stores, Life Cereal, Long John Silver's, Macy's, McDonalds, Maybelline, Mobile Oil, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Rice-a-Roni, United Way, Zales Jewelers, and more.

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